Shot some photos of a friend in Shanghai. She’s the loveliest and super energetic little pocket rocket!

Thanks Titie ❤ and hope to see you in Europe next year.

Moomin skirt

I found a lovely black and white cotton fabric from Eurokangas a while ago. Ofcourse I needed an excuse to buy it and at the time I didn’t have any skirts with this length in my wardrobe. Pleats please…and here it is. I didn’t use any patterns, just pinned on a dress form and sewn by hand and finished with sewing machine. So easy and quick to make with a rubber band on waist line, which makes it more comfortable too.


I’ve been to China almost for four months now. I was studying Mandarin in Donghua University. In a meanwhile I also had a chance to take part in traditional printing/graphic design, calligraphy and Chinese realistic painting classes. Here below are some of my creations and work in process.


Fresh summergear

I think there’s more going on than I have time to update my blog, however I am still going to post some bits and pieces of my work and clothing done on my own time whenever I have time. Here are some photos I took this month in Helsinki downtown. Had a fun afternoon styling Andrew at his courtyard. The shirt is my design and rest of the style is from his wardrobe.



I’m on a winter holiday and despite a little cold my sewing machine has been buzzing on full speed.

It seems that I am having a fever for traveling and to be honest I am yearning  for new adventures. We’ll see what the future holds for me, hopefully around the world trip.

Anyway, here’s one of my newest creations. This is definitely not the only piece to the sailor theme this week.. more will be coming. This one  goes to some of my friends as surprise present, but I haven’t decided yet who will be the lucky one. 😉