hunting & outdoor apparel for origopro

Karu Survival Camouflange jacket and pants

  • M05 snow camo
  • M05 winter woodland camo
  • lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced Typhoon™ fabric
  • the fabric has water and dirt repellent treatment
  • matches with Karu Survival Melton sarka wool outfit as a top layer
  • developed in co-operation with Karu Survival

Karu Survival Melton Wool Jacket and pants

Melton wool fabric is a thick, heavy and tightly woven fabric. Composed of wool with polyamide for added strength and durability, with a heavily brushed nap, giving the material a smooth finish with no visible weaving yarns. Developed together with Karu Survival.

  • British waxed cotton was chosen for the parts that needed extra durability, strength and water-repellency
  • The coat is integrated to be worn together with Karu Survival M05 snow camo or  M05 winter woodland camo cover jacket: The coat zippers are on the same level with the camo cover jacket valve zippers for easy access to pockets while worn layered.
  • Unisex style
  • Large pockets: on sleeves, upper front pockets, lower front pockets and one inside the coat 
  • High collar to protect the neck from cold
  • Adjustable and detachable hood
  • Armpit ventilation with zippers
  • Center back is with a large fold for easy movements
  • Fitted for moving on the elbows
  • Waist adjustment with rubber-band inside the coat
  • Materials: 450 g /m2 Virgin Wool 70%, 20% PA, 10% WS (Cashmere) (Made in Italy), Waxed Cotton ( Made in Great Britain).
  • Product is manufactured in Estonia.
Origopro/ Karu Survival 2021 Photo: Johanna Kokkola
Origopro/ Karu Survival 2021 Photo: Johanna Kokkola

Origopro Extra Fine Merinowool Beanie

  • Three colours: black, ranger green and rescue orange.
  • One size.
  • 100% extra fine merino wool.
  • Made in Europe.

Merino Cordura Balaclava

Origopro’s merino cordura Balaclava is perfect for cold weather and the arctic conditions. It is developed with FINNARP’s Antarctic Research Group to meet the highest standard of durability, functionality and comfort.

The fabric for the balaclava is composed of two fibrous materials, which are combined to complement each other.  Merino wool has a heat-insulating fiber and Cordura polyamide yarn is on the surface to provide abrasion resistance. The 100% merino wool which is against the skin in the garment is a soft 19 Micron strong merino sheep’s wool that does not contain artificial fibers. The seams are flat-lock seams to make the garment comfortable to wear under a helmet or a hat.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL
Fit: Regular
Manufactured in Estonia.
Materials: Merino Wool/Cordura

Army Cargo Shorts

Design is based on British Army combat shorts, which are well-proven and contain several functional details. The mouths of the spacious thigh pockets fold around themselves and prevent items from falling. Fastening with resistant strap buttons. Drawstring at the waist and loose sizing increase comfort.

The mouths of the spacious thigh pockets fold around themselves and prevent items from falling. Closure with durable ribbon buttons. Waist adjustments and relaxed fit guarantee excellent usability and comfortability. No need for belt as the shorts have a string cord inside the garment on waist and button adjustment on the outside. The fabric is comfortable to wear thus strong that the shorts bottom can be rolled up for shorter if needed.

  • upper front pockets
  • pocket at the back with button closure
  • waist adjustment with buttons outside the garment
  • waist adjustment with string cord inside the garment
  • large cargo thigh pockets with button closure
  • zipper closure on front opening with button on top

Sizes: S-3XL
Fit: Relaxed
Product weight: 0,3 kg
Activity: Free-time, Travel, Hunting, Fishing
Manufactured in Estonia.
Materials: 50% Cotton/ 50% Polyester